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Industrial systems expertise in Australia

Since its formation in 2007, My Global Solutions was formed and has since grown into a dynamic, experienced and reputable industrial systems integration and engineering consultancy in Australia providing specialist technical services, professional engineering and management in the disciplines of electrical, control and communications.

Our People

We have a distinct passion, drive and enthusiasm for life and professionally, in the pursuit of excellence in their roles, their client relationships and for My Global Solutions. We foster and encourage initiative and forward thinking which in turn inspires business innovation and improvement to our clients' competitiveness in industry.

Expectations are high but the rewards for our people and our clients are higher. We actively encourage, recognise and provide opportunity to apply personal and professional development.
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Health and Safety

My Global Solutions (MYGS) promotes a proactive health and safety management philosophy based on continuous engagement of all employees, clients and the communities that we work in. As we work towards certification in AS/NZS 4801:2001, we continue to develop a safety culture that promotes a healthy work environment for all associated with My Global Solutions.

Our aim is simple – no harm to anyone.

Our implementation – provide health and safety management processes to all working with My Global Solutions on projects.

The responsibility – health and safety is a responsibility shared among all and it’s this culture that underpins our no harm safety record to date.

Our Values

Central to our culture and our people is the core values that we apply to all facets of our business, guiding us in our dealings and actions with each other, our clients, suppliers and partners.
Leadership We lead through our commitment to competence and sound business management practices
Unity We will work together to achieve our goals
Openness Our decision making will be fair, inclusive and transparent
Dedication We will be responsive, passionate and principled in our approach to clients and each other
Integrity We will act honestly and ethically in all aspects of our work
Respect Consideration will be shown for our clients and each other
Quality We strive for excellence in every aspect of our work
Self-improvement and awareness We maximise individual potential by encouraging self-development, health and quality of life

Quality Assurance

At My Global Solutions (MYGS), quality assurance is the backbone to every activity performed company wide. For our clients, it is about achieving excellence and quality in all phases from conceptual design through to implementation, testing and support. This translates to efficiency, value and support for our clients.

My Global Solutions Quality Assurance System is certified compliant with AU/NZS ISO 9001:2008.
Sai Global ISO 9001 certification


It starts with the recognition of a delicate balance between the protection of the environment whilst meeting the demands of social and economic growth. We are committed to providing innovative solutions that will meet the needs of our clients whilst reducing the impact on future generations.

In line with the global movement towards sustainability of our environment and our communities, through forward thinking and provision of innovative solutions that improve process and operational efficiency, My Global Solutions (MYGS) will contribute to the greater good of reducing the footprint of our operations and where possible, our clients. A key initiative is the continued development of our environmental management system with intent to obtain certification in ISO 14001:2004.
Scott Sinclair Managing Director
Scott Sinclair
Managing Director

Appointed Managing Director in 2010, Scott is responsible for the overall strategic direction and management of My Global Solutions. As an accomplished professional with over 20 years’ experience in industrial automation and electrical instrumentation, Scott brings exceptional strategic leadership, business development and project management to My Global Solutions.
A former State Regional Manager for Citect (now Schneider Citect), Scott was in charge of projects in excess of AUD$1.2m, project managing the Olympic Dam Third Stage Optimisation Project and the Copper and Uranium SX Plant Rebuild with both major projects valued in excess of AUD$1.0bn. In 2005, Scott became Lead Control System Commissioning Manager for the Alcan Gove Alumina G3 project and again, in 2009 for the Xstrata Koniambo Nickel Smelter project.

For further information and latest updates, call us on 0428 270 368 or check out: Scott's LinkedIn profile

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